About Daddyo

Daddyo Headquarters

Daddyo is headquartered in New York City, providing access to top medical partners and hospitals, though most of our team is distributed.

Corporate Headquarters

Daddyo Inc.
WeWork Studio Square
3537 36th St
Astoria, NY 11106

About Daddyo Inc.

Daddyo was formed to provide distributed, machine-driven, and AI analysis of medical imagery from consumer-grade electronics.

Our software allows our partners to provide intuitive software and hardware enabling either technicians or end patients the ability to easily record and upload images and video related to their health. These visual files are analyzed via a number of methods, with easily-digestible and accessible data and reports.

Meet the Executive Team

Stony Grunow

Stony Grunow

Chief Executive Officer

Stony founded Daddyo with an emphasis on consumer-based fertility analysis, and before increasing the scope of Daddyo as a software suite for our partners seeking similar technology.

His technical background is one of a data-scientist and software architect.

Mark Kramer

Mark Kramer

Chief Operating Officer

Mark’s background is in precision engineering, having designed and worked on fighter jets for Lockheed Martin. Mark’s love of startups plus his desire to improve the lives of others has led him to take on the many details that come with helping to run a startup.

Sonal Vats

Sonal Vats

VP - Health Care Economist

Sonal’s background as a health care economist allows her to advise Daddyo on the intricate regulatory landscape facing emerging technology in both the US and EU environments.

Sonal also is our liaison to the academic and research community.

Jordan Katz

Jordan Katz

Chief Scientist

With a background in medical device applications, as well as biomedical engineering, Jordan oversees our device manufacturing partners, distributed globally.

Jordan also oversees our quality control, and advises on regulatory matters such as HIPPA.