Daddyo Features

Daddyo has a wealth of configurable and customizable features. It is not just a software package for analyzing images or video, but is designed to allow you to distribute, monitor, and most importantly monetize your vision.

Distribute Rapidly and Globally

Because Daddyo leverages pre-existing smartphone technology, and because our software can be distributed to those smartphones easily, you can achieve rapid and global distribution.

Smartphones running our image capture applications (either Daddyo-branded or carrying your own branding) can record video and images using the high-resolution camera on all modern smartphones, and upload that to our secure data warehouse.

The final required step, capturing the imagery through microscopic enlargement, can be achieved through either laboratory microscope attachments, or custom smartphone microscope kits

The physical smartphone attachments are widely available and under $200, whereas the app can be free to your end users, and the smartphones are already owned by your end users. This means that going live involves at most a minor expense. No capital expenditure is required by for the labs, doctors, or even consumers you wish to serve

Combine Human and Machine Analysis

With Daddyo, your imagery can be analyzed by either humans, or machine code, or a combination of both. You can also train your AI using laboratory technicians. Additionally, machine learning can escalate specific imagery for additional analysis by expert technicians. You can configure this to an optimal financial result for your business.

Human Image Analysis

Daddyo allows for multiple forms of analysis, all available within its standard configuration. Many customers pilot Daddyo with human analysis, which can also be used to create the datasets required to train Artificial Intelligence.

Image and video can be reviewed by technicians who have secure access, and images and video can be de-identified as per §164.502(d) of the Privacy Rule. As de-identified health information, media is no longer considered protected health information and HIPPA does not apply to de-identified data as it contains no personally identifiable data.

Additionally, human analysis can be performed in any geographic location, allowing for significant cost savings. Individual imagery can be analyzed by multiple technicians, allowing for automated quality control, training, and/or data aggregation.

Machine Learning Analysis

Tremendous cost savings can be achieved by switching to machine analysis, which can be either artificial intelligence or software-based image analysis.

Software or AI analysis can help further reduce the marginal cost of analysis, while providing instantaneous results. The results are also standardized, and imagery can optionally be re-scanned later for secondary trials and secondary analysis.

Most importantly, your custom and proprietary machine analysis can be a differentiating sales factor. Daddyo is designed in a modular approach, allowing you to bring your own analysis software. You retain all ownership of the IP, and your proprietary code is private and secure.

Daddyo includes a private Partner API, allowing secure access to your imagery for analysis. The software or AI performing this analysis can be run in any data center, including yours, though most customers leverage AWS, used by Daddyo, further lowering their costs.

Pre-Built Reports and Graphs

Whether data needs to be displayed at the patient level, the doctor level, the lab level, or for cohort analysis, Daddyo has prebuilt and configurable reports and graphs.

Unlike old-school software, which limited how you can approach your data, Daddyo takes a three-pronged approach to making your data accessible to both you and your end customers.

First, Daddyo uses the latest javascript-based charting tools. This provides a modern look-and-feel for easily digestible charts. These charts are optimized for both screen, mobile, PDF, and printing.

Our chart tools allow for more complex configuration, but tapping into’s Chart Studio.

Finally, we allow export to CSV for easy off-line analysis.

Rapid Monetization

Daddyo was built to ensure the financial success of our primary customers, as they in turn serve their end customers. Rapid monetization of the value you deliver is vital for both your cashflow and profitability.

Daddyo integrates with both Stripe and Stripe Billing, allowing you to optimize your business around either a per-use charge or a subscription model, or a combination of both. By integrating with Stripe, a trusted payment platform with capabilities to bill in almost every country, not only do you gain rapid monetization but your market size can expand to a global presence.

Through Stripe, in virtually every country, you can easily collect revenue through your customer’s credit card. Additionally, Stripe can bill using ACH or SEPA Direct Debit, reducing your transaction fees to virtually nothing. With Stripe Billing, you can leverage subscriptions and attain predictable revenue streams.